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Could We Create an Ongoing System of Reporting from Google Analytics?
Could We Create an Ongoing System of Reporting from Google Analytics?
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  • Is there a way we can look at trends in use over time?

Looking for Answers in Google Analytics

There’s no systematic way to pull meaningful reports across the website, simply because so much human judgment is required to determine what pieces of information are useful or relevant. For example, a major measure of success for the pages in “Beliefs & Principles” might be how many people look for a local congregation.  For pages in the “Tapestry” section, the number of curricula downloads or pageviews may be considered critical.

However, once you’ve set up a useful report, with all your filters and metrics in place, you can tell Google to “Email” that report to you on a regular basis. If you make some substantial changes to your site, reports over time can show whether your change was successful or not. Beware! You may have to wait a year or more to see relevant results, since our congregations operate on a seasonal basis and may naturally be more or less interested in a particular topic from one month to the next.

The “Goal Conversion Rate” for our site’s goals can be viewed throughout Google’s reports, and the relative effectiveness of different pages on can be measured. The Web Team about sets up goals for We get a limited number of goals for the whole site, so think big!

Google’s “Intelligence Events” attempt to call out significant events on the site, though human judgment must be applied to determine the relevance of those events. For example, one event that Google called out was a rush of traffic from Facebook to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Job Openings page. A little digging showed that a link to our job openings had been posted on the UUA’s Facebook page on the same day as the rush of traffic began. Certainly that’s relevant and useful—but how, and to whom? Getting the right information before the right set of eyes can be challenging (and in many companies, a full-time job). Consider setting up some custom intelligence alerts to be notified when something you care about changes.

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