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Who Are the Visitors to Getting Answers from Google Analytics
Who Are the Visitors to Getting Answers from Google Analytics
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  • Can we define the difference between a first-time site visitor to the site and a newcomer to Unitarian Universalism?
  • Where do first-time website visitors go?
  • Some basic demographics could distinguish categories of visitors (age demographics to learn if youth access the YaYA pages, for example).

Looking for Answers in Google Analytics

None of our tools give us detailed demographic data about what types of people (age, gender, income bracket, etc.) are doing exactly what on our site. We do have generic demographic data about the people who visit (from Quantcast), but we don’t have a way to tie that information to specific sections of the site, or to see what actions those people are taking (clicking on links, leaving immediately, watching videos…).

Advanced Segments,” however, are a fantastic tool that can help close in on answers to specific and complicated questions. You can view & compare metrics for some default groups like first-time visitors to the site vs. return visitors, or you can set up more complicated segments. You can, for example, look at data for only the set of visitors who saw pages with embedded video vs. those who did not see any pages with video (but you’ll have to enter the URLs of all pages with video into your filters; there’s no automatic switch to set that up). You can also look at data for visitors who hit “Play” on at least one UUA-hosted video (Google can’t track data for embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos). You can then see, for example, how (or if) the visits to the “Find a Congregation” page differ between the two groups.

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