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Sample Questions, and Looking for Answers in Google Analytics
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Before Looking for Answers, Define the Questions

To get started, choose one page that’s important to you, and name one or two major goals for that page: what do you want people to do?

  • What defines success?

    • How many different people see the page?
    • How long people stay on the page, or in the section?
    • Whether they…
      • Click on a particular link?
      • Share the page?
      • Watch a video?
      • Download a PDF?
      • Send an email?
      • Complete a form?
      • Search for a congregation?
      • Make a donation?
  • What might constitute failure?

    • If they…

      • Search for a question you thought you’d answered?
      • Leave
      • Fail to perform any particular mark of success?

For an introduction to using and reading the reports in Google Analytics, review the sections on navigation and vocabulary.

Sample Questions and Directions to the Answers

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