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Sets of Users: Advanced Segments in Google Analytics

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools for reviewing data, creating and using "Advanced Segments" can let you view any part of the Analytics according to as simple or complex a set of metrics as you choose.

For example, you can choose to see data only for first-time visits which included a page view of the congregational search results page and arrived at via a major search engine.

Google comes with a number of pre-defined "Default Segments" which may be useful, but setting up your own can be very powerful. Multiple "And/Or" arguments can be added to further refine your segment.

Select one or more group (from Google's default segments or from segments you've saved) in order to compare data across groups.

For more information contact analytics @

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Last updated on Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

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When you click on the "Advanced Segments" tab, you can select one or more group in order to compare data across groups.

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This example shows how to set up a segment of visits which "Include" a view of any "Page" with "tapestry" in the URL.

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