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Exporting Data from Google Analytics
Exporting Data from Google Analytics
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Since there are limits to how much data manipulation can be done within Google Analytics, It may be useful to export a series of reports to a spreadsheet so you can perform more complex data manipulation. For example, for an accurate ranking of keywords that people searched for after seeing your page, you may need to consolidate rows of synonymous data (like "tapestry" and "Tapestry").

The "Export" menu at the top of the screen will let you get data out of Google Analytics and into a spreadsheet.

Currently, only up to 500 rows of Analytics table data can be exported at a time. If you need to export larger data sets, you can export multiple times as long as each batch contains at maximum 500 rows.

You can also send the reports you create to yourself or others by using the "Email" option at the top of Google's report area to schedule emails (once, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly).

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