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Goal Sets in Google Analytics
Goal Sets in Google Analytics
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A limited number of “Goals” can be set up by the site admin to measure specific behaviors across the site. For the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) website, the Web Team administers the setting of goals.

The UUA measures, among other things:

  • The number of visits which include a view of the congregational search results page.
  • Visits which include a click on one of our “Donate” links.
  • Visits which last longer than 5 minutes, or involves views of more than 5 pages.

The data we collect is aggregate and anonymous, so we don't know what any one individual is doing on the site, but we can see which pages are more likely to result in a goal completion.

The “Goal Conversion Rate” can be viewed throughout Google’s reports by selecting a “Goal Set” tab, and the relative effectiveness of different pages can be measured.

Page Value” is ((Transaction Revenue + Total Goal Value) divided by unique pageviews for the page or set of pages)).

Google allows you to set a dollar value on a goal to help you visualize the impact of your pages on your bottom line. Obviously helping people find a congregation has no easily-measurable monetary value (and our analytics aren't tied to actual donations made, like an ecommerce site would be tied to actual sales), but for the sake of visualizing the relative impact of our pages, we've entered a $1 value on each of these events.

Goal conversations aren't retroactively applied to Google's data, so they'll only start being collected and displayed after you create the goal.

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