Making Web Forms Accessible

Thanks to Web Accessibility in Mind (WebAIM)—most of the material below is reproduced directly from the expert advice offered on the WebAIM site.

Add a Label to Every Field

Each form field should have a unique ID, and text associated with that field should be marked as a label "for" that ID.

id="name" type="text" name="textfield" />

When you have several associated form elements, they can be grouped together by something called a fieldset. Each fieldset should have a legend. The legend is the text that describes the associated group of form items.

Choose a shipping method:


Two day


See Creating Accessible Forms for more samples and detailed information.

Mark Up Tables for Accessibility

When presenting information or forms within a table, remember that rows will be read left-to-right and columns will be read top-to-bottom. Be sure related form elements (fields and labels) are adjacent to each other.

When appropriate for the data, designate row and/or column headers using the 

 tag, and associate the cells with the appropriate headers using the scope attribute.

Shelly's Daughters



April 5

January 14

See Creating Accessible Tables for more samples and detailed information.

Review the Instructions

Use a header to call out any instructions necessary to use a form. Be sure the instructions do not rely upon visual cues, and that all necessary form functions are accessible through keyboard commands.

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