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Junior High Programs of the Central East Region

youth working at the OMD social action conference 2015

CER Youth Calendar

  • CER Fall Networking Calls 2020-Second Tuesday

    From Central East Regional Group
    Join us for the Second Tuesday of the Month Networking calls with Patricia Infante and Sana Saeed.
  • Congregational Leaders Check-In


    From MidAmerica Events
    We will respond directly to the challenges that congregations are encountering during this time of finding new ways to be in religious community.
  • Human Rights Day


    From International Programs of the UUA
    Celebrate Human Rights Day every year on December 10....
  • Webinar: Small Congregation Check-In DEC 10


    From MidAmerica Events
    A time for leaders of small congregations in the MidAmerica Region and elsewhere to check-in about the challenges UU religious communities face
  • CER Fall Networking Calls 2020 - Second Friday


    From Central East Regional Group
    Join us for the Second Friday of the Month Networking calls with Rev. Evin Carvill-Ziemer and Rev. Renee Ruchotzke.

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Junior High Programs are run on usually a district level in several districts of the region. Here are some basics about junior high programs.

Junior High Conferences are for youth in 7th to 9th grade (or equivalent) and are run by senior high youth leaders. Middle School Conferences permit 6th graders to attend. In some districts they are a 24 hour overnight event Saturday am to Sunday am, in others they start Friday evening and end on Sunday morning. These events are similar to Senior High Conferences, with activities geared for junior high youth and with the expectation that this is a new experience for those attending.

Scheduled Conferences

All youth events in the region have been moved to virtual, are being re-imagined or postponed at this time. We'll post details when we have them.