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Guest In Your Pulpit - Robin Reichert
Guest In Your Pulpit - Robin Reichert

Robin Reichert is a professional storyteller/speaker since 1995, she has taken to the pulpit specializing in inspiring sermons that open your heart, stir your soul & relate to challenges, humor, and magic that life presents.  Rev. Bob Janis-Dillon (Merseyside Unitarian Ministerial Partnership in NW England) says “Robin's stories and sermons are poignant, humble, bold, and touch on universal themes. She is a gifted writer and storyteller, and brings her work to others through a careful wisdom and boundless compassion.” Robin has published two books Feather Gifts for All Ages (2009) and Earth Divine–Adventures of an Everyday Mystic (2016).

Robin offers several programs and workshops focusing on peace, including the film “The Camino of St. Francis,” documenting a pilgrimage to the World Interfaith Peace Conference in Assisi, Italy in 2011. See “Ministry” section on website for presentation samples. Visit her website for details: Robin Heart Stories.

Availability: Within the boundaries of the old Metro NY District (metropolitan NY area).

Contact: Email Robin Reichert at peacebird07 [at] gmail [dot] com

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