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Guest In Your Pulpit - Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics

Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics is a band. You can learn more about them at Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics

Service Description: The jazz of New Orleans and Chicago and the 1920's integrated into your service or presented as a program such as a New Year service burying the old and ringing in the new ala New Orleans style. We have performed memorial services and worship services and can offer references from Central Unitarian Church, Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, All Souls in NYC, St. Paul's Lutheran in Teaneck, Redeemer Lutheran in Ramsay, First Presbyterian in Ramsey among others. We can enhance your musical program by also accompanying any hymns or anthems.

Availability: within 50 miles of Hckensack, NJ

Contact: You can reach Dr. Dubious and the Agnostics at tom [at] doctordubious [dot] com

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