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SLD Chalice Lighters

What Is a Chalice Lighter?

A Chalice Lighter is a UU with vision, someone who believes is growing our denomination and in supporting forward-thinking initiatives in UU congregations across the Central East Region.

A Chalice Lighter is an individual or family that pledges to make a financial contribution twice a year to specific congregational growth projects. Chalice Lighters have helped many congregations. They have helped congregations move into their own space, hire additional staff, become handicapped accessible or expand their programs. They have helped new congregations get up and running, and they have helped existing congregations realize their dreams for expansion.

Won't you join us in lighting the chalice?

When and How Do Chalice Lighters Contribute?

A Chalice Lighter "Call" is made three times a year. A Call letter goes to all those who have agreed to be Chalice Lighters to tell them about the project(s) being funded. Each Chalice Lighter then sends the amount he or she previously pledged to the Central East Region office, where monies are collected for forwarding to the congregation(s) being supported. The entire proceeds go to the congregation(s) for whom the call is made.

What Kinds of Projects Are Selected for Funding?

Chalice Lighter funds can be used for projects that:

  • Enable the initiation of major programs for growth and renewal, including single congregation projects or multiple congregation projects.
  • Assist in building, including securing a building site for new congregations and major renovations necessary for growth in established congregations.
  • Assist in securing professional religious leadership, or
  • Initiate a new congregation. Often new congregations need help in meeting start-up expenses.

How Can My Small Donation Result in Significant Growth?

Although your individual Chalice Lighter contribution may be as small as $20 per call, when these district-wide contributions are added up, the total is significant. Recent Chalice Lighter calls have collected over $10,000.

How Do I Enroll?

Download the Chalice Lighter brochure (PDF) for an enrollment form. Do not send any money at this time.

How Do Churches Apply for Funding?

Because we are moving to a regionally based Chalice Lighter program, we are shifting to using the same forms for all grant requests. Please see the Joseph Priestley Page for forms and instructions.

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