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OMD Chalice Lighters

An Ohio-Meadville (OMD) Chalice Lighter is an individual who pledges to respond with a $15 or larger contribution when the call comes to help a congregation in our region.

Through this program, you can directly reach out and help an Central East Region congregation realize its dream of expanding its outreach into the community, making its building accessible, improving religious education for its children, create new programs for growth, develop new social justice outreach or strengthen some other vital part of its ministry. This is a way to immediately support our fellow CER congregations in their work to grow and nurture our faith.

How The Program Works

Right now the program is moving from a district based program to a regional based program.

A Chalice Lighter "Call" is made three times a year. A Call letter goes to all those who have agreed to be Chalice Lighters to tell them about the project(s) being funded. Each Chalice Lighter then sends the amount he or she previously pledged to the Central East Region office, where monies are collected for forwarding to the congregation(s) being supported. The entire proceeds go to the congregation(s) for whom the call is made.

Sign up online at the Chalice Lighter's Sign Up Form.

Applying for a Chalice Lighter Grant

Because we are moving to a regionally based Chalice Lighter program, we are shifting to using the same forms for all grant requests. Please see the Joseph Priestley Page for forms and instructions.

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