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Opportunities for Connection ~ June 2016
Opportunities for Connection ~ June 2016
Youth at Goldmine

Featured Resource: Youth Programming

The Central East Region provides training in Youth Ministry to youth advisors, religious professionals, other adult volunteers, and youth leaders. We believe that youth deserve ministry that is both sensitive to their developmental stage and recognizes them as individual human beings integrated in a multigenerational congregation. Learn more about all the programs to support Youth Ministry at our Youth Programs Page.

Starting in the fall of 2016 there will be a collaborative series of webinars in youth ministry led by regional staff and Youth and Young Adult Office staff covering the basics in youth ministry competencies. We encourage clusters to use these webinars as a spark for debrief gatherings!

Here are some of the youth trainings we offer:

  • Adult and Youth Leader Training called Fundamentals of Healthy Youth Ministry which replaces both the former Basic Youth Advisor training and Leadership Development. This training is for all adults in youth ministry and all youth leaders. Why do we train youth and adults together? Healthy youth-adult partnership requires skills most adults and youth haven’t practiced and requires both youth and adults to challenge their assumptions and societal programming. The next full offering will happen at the RE Week at the Sea August 15-17.
  • Youth Pastoral Care/Peer Chaplain Training. This program is a weekend long program (Friday evening through Sunday morning) offered at four different locations in our region each year. Pastoral care is one of the key components of ministry in our religious communities. This training is for youth and adults.
  • Goldmine Youth Leadership School. This week long summer camp experience is an intense community experience where youth participants develop leadership skills while doing deep self-reflection including engaging with the meaning and value of Unitarian Universalism and how UUism calls them to help heal the world. Three locations and two dates are being offered this summer.
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Changes in CER Staffing

Rev. Scott Tayler, Director of Congregational Life has announced two staffing changes for the Central East Region. Rev. Joan Van Becelaere will be stepping down from her role are regional lead and remain on the staff serving her primary contacts. The new regional lead will be the Rev. Megan Foley.

Raziq Brown, youth and young adult specialist will be moving to the Southern Region and a new person will be hired for this position to start in August. The job search will be starting soon and will be announced on our news blog when it does. Read more about these changes.

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General Assembly News

Attending General Assembly? Lots of news!

  • The UUA invites all participants to be part of our learning community at GA and to prepare for the week's events. Access the resources on the GA website.
  • You can attend the Public Witness event even without registering and this year the Public Witness will also be livestreamed. Learn more at the GA website or the event Facebook page.
  • Can't attend in person? You can attend online. You do not need to be a delegate to be an off-site participant. Learn more.
  • And a change - if you want to be in the choir, you need to sign up in advance. Registration is now open.
  • Attending but need help finding housing, roommates or rides? Have questions? Check out the GA Forum.
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Meet The Staff: Rev. Evin Carvill-Ziemer, Congregational Life Staff

Evin serves the Central East Region in the areas of Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, and Intercultural Competency work and as Primary Contact for congregations in Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania. She holds a Masters of Divinity from Earlham School of Religion and Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College. Evin grew up in a UU congregation in New Hampshire and participated as a youth and young adult in congregational life, youth ministry, and campus ministry. You can reach Evin Carvil-Ziemer at  eziemer [at] uua [dot] org. Learn more about Evin at her UUA staff bio page.

CERGing Forward Blog

It's official! All four of our districts have voted in favor of dissolving and moving forward with the Central East Region. Thank you to all of you who attending meetings, asked questions, read documents, watched videos, discussed options and then finally voted at your annual meetings.

Read about what is happening next at the final CERGing Forward Blog posts.

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It's Time for Your Yearly Updates

Every year our congregations change their leadership. To ensure that your leaders are getting information they need from us, we need you to go to and update your congregation's information. Please know, we use your information in to set up our lists of congregational leaders, so it is really important that you update that information after your elections or whenever a leadership change happens. Learn more about this at the UUA website.

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News from the UUA

GA Delegate Credential Manager is Open. Certified congregations can manage their General Assembly (GA) delegate assignments online by logging in to the Credential Manager at, or via the direct access link emailed to congregations. Last year, the UUA switched to a web-based distribution model as part of ongoing work toward increasing the environmental sustainability of GA. As part of this effort, delegate credentials are no longer mailed to congregations. Prior delegates and those in your congregation who have registered for GA are now listed in the Credential Manager to aid in the distribution of your member credentials.Contact dataservices [at] uua [dot] org  for help and questions.

Election Season is Coming. Make sure your congregation does not risk it's 501c3 status. Read the Real Rules first!

Interested in Voting Rights? Resources are available from the UUA website. There is a webinar being offered on June 1 at 7 pm. you can also view a video about UUs and Democracy Awakening.
The UUA Bookstore has a new name! It is now called In Spirit: UU Gift and Book Shop. Same website, new logo. Still your resource for all things UU.

Learn more about General Assembly in Columbus in 2016.

New publications from the UUA - Three new books available for preorder. Christ for Unitarian Universalists: A New Dialogue with Traditional Christians by Scotty McLennan, Love Beyond God: Meditations by Adam Lawrence Dyer and Cultivating Empathy: The Worth and Dignity of Every Person - Without Exception by Nathan C. Walker. Visit the Publications Page for details.

The UUA is hiring for several positions. Find job descriptions and application information at their Job Openings webpage.

Calendar Items and News

For events, webinars and congregation news and events visit the following pages:

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