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Archives of Central East Region News
Archives of Central East Region News
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ September 2017

    Featured Resource: UU Leadership Institute Leadership Training is essential for all congregational leaders. In the past that meant a week away from home at a costly event. Now we offer an alternative - Leadership School online, on your schedule. In order to help...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ August 2017

    Featured Resource: Primary Contacts Do you know who your congregation's primary contact is? The Central East Regional (CER) has moved to a primary contact staff system to ensure our congregations know who to reach out to for assistance. What this means is that each...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ July 2017

    Featured Resource: Outreach Revolution Are you in charge of outreach? Need help? Here is a resource for you!  Join the Outreach Revolution! Unitarian Universalist (UU) values help people live better lives and create a better world. In a rapidly changing society,...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ June 2017

    Featured Resource: Chalice Lighters This program has been in place for decades in most areas of the United States as a way to fund growth in Unitarian Universalist congregations helping to establish new congregations, improve and expand structures, fund new staff and...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ May 2017

    Featured Resource: Worship Web If your worship team is struggling to find readings and other worship materials, we recommend you visit the WorshipWeb pages of the UUA website. This site is filled with readings, stories, chalice lightings and more from a variety of sources on...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ April 2017

    Featured Resource: Summer Camps Attending summer camps and institutes strengthens connections to our faith for people of all ages. Experiences at summer camps can include week long age based camps, institutes for all ages, family retreats and specific training programs. When...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ March 2017

    Featured Resource: Video Resources There are many, many videos out there and many places you can find video resources. Here are some tips for where you might find what you are looking for. The Central East Region and the UUA both have YouTube pages. On the Central East...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ February 2017

    Featured Resource: State Advocacy Networks Creating the beloved community requires the values and principles of Unitarian Universalism to be translated into the work of governments and legislatures, of policy and law.  State Advocacy Networks have the mission and purpose...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ January 2017

    Featured Resource: 30 Days of Love So many of us deeply desire to live on the side of love when it comes to social justice movements. But what does that really mean? How can we be a nurturing, humble and steady hand on the side of justice in the face of violence and backlash...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ December 2016

    Featured Resource: Guest In Your Pulpit Does your congregation need Sunday morning speakers? Is your Worship Committee struggling to fill your calendar? The Guest in Your Pulpit program is designed to help all congregations of all sizes deal with this issue. The Guest in...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ November 2016

    Featured Resource: Commissioned Lay Ministry Program It had been a long awaited vacation: we were basking in the warmth of time with our grown children. Then my cell phone rang: a beloved 85-year-old member of the congregation had fallen; hip surgery was scheduled for the...
  • Opportunities for Connection ~ October 2016

    Featured Resource: UU World's Seeker Issue Looking for something to explain Unitarian Universalism to your visitors? Want some sort of outreach item you can give folks who ask about our faith? UU World’s first “seeker issue” is designed specifically as an introduction to...

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