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Entering the Religious Education Credentialing Program
Entering the Religious Education Credentialing Program
Professional Development for Religious Educators

How do I enter the program?

First become familiar with the RE Credentialing Program Plan, which describes the program and its requirements in detail. Then submit the following application materials to the Office of RE Credentialing:

  • a completed and signed Statement of Intent form;
  • a short essay on why you want to be in the RE Credentialing program, your professional goals, and what has brought you to where you are in your professional journey;
  • a resume with any academic and professional history (note that you are not required to detail of all your professional training on this document);
  • and a completed Letter of Endorsement forms as specified in the program plan (the number and type of endorsements depend on which credentialing level is sought).

These items can be sent individually or together, but they will not be acted upon until all are received. You will be contacted by the Office once you are accepted into the program to schedule a telephone appointment for a Profile Review. This is an opportunity for the Office to gather additional information and to make sure all aspects of the program are understood. It is also an opportunity for the participants to ask any questions they may have.

Do I have to have the program requirements already completed in order to begin the program?

No. When religious educators enter the program, they work towards fulfilling the requirements of the level in which they enter. Requirements do not need to be fulfilled until program completion.

Why is this program only centered around religious educators in congregations?

The Unitarian Universalist Association is an association of congregations, and the ultimate goal of this program is to help congregations strengthen their religious education programs. This will occur primarily through the efforts of the religious educator in the congregation. It is also recognized that this strengthening occurs by forces outside the congregation, through curricula developers and program consultants, for example. That is why the program is not restricted only to those religious educators serving congregations.

Why can’t very experienced DRE’s just be grand-parented into a credential?

This program, and the awarding of credentials, is based on a model in which levels of professionalism require demonstrated accountability to specific and objective professional standards, and that this accountability goes beyond the congregation. Experience alone, as essential as it is, does not fulfill the requirements of this model.

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