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Rev. Kelly Dignan—Fall 2013

MFC Liaison to Candidates Report

I write to you as one of many people who support you on this journey to ministry.

A week before my MFC visit in 2012, a mentor said, “As you light the chalice to begin your appointment, imagine that everyone who supports you is in the room: all of the ministers who have helped you along the way, your CPE group and supervisor, your fellow seminarians, your friends and family, everyone in our Living Tradition who has come before you. We are all there with you.”

I took his advice. Now I realize he was suggesting that I live our covenantal faith. Not just talk about, but live it.

As Unitarian Universalists, we covenant to walk together in love and loyalty, during the easy and the challenging steps on our journeys through life. I love the quote from the cover of Redeeming Time: Endowing Your Church with the Power of Covenant: “When we live in covenanted communities of support and accountability, we live deeper, more authentic, more creative lives.” Your chosen community is with you as you visit the MFC. And what is even more comforting is that the members of the MFC are part of your covenanted community, too. They provide accountability in our ministerial fellowshipping process, and they provide support—to you.

Having been the Liaison to Candidates in the fall of 2013, I can tell you that your panel is with you in spirit as you prepare to visit them. They read each word of your packet carefully, paying attention to every story you tell and every detail others share about you. They come with hopes for you and excitement to meet you. They start each morning with worship creating a holy tenor for the day. While you are in the waiting room with the chaplain, the members of your panel pray for you—that you will be calm, centered and authentic. And they pray for themselves—that they will be calm, centered and open.

During their discussion about you after your interview, members of your panel treat you with care and respect. They engage in ongoing anti-oppression and intercultural training, and they apply it seriously by continuously checking their own perceptions.

Most of all, they are hoping that you are a minister. They want you to be their minister.

I encourage you to read the reports from the other Liaisons because they include important tips, advice and encouragement which I won’t repeat here. Just know that you are held in covenant during this process. Tap into your depth, authenticity and creativity.

Rev. Kelly Dignan

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Last updated on Monday, January 13, 2014.

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