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Ministerial Credentialing
Ministerial Credentialing

Ministerial Credentialing

The Ministerial Credentialing Office works with persons preparing for the Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministry by communicating the requirements of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee (MFC), relating to theological schools, administering scholarship aid, and supporting opportunities for field education, internships, workshops, and other programs.

  • Preparation for UU Ministry
  • Preparatory Stages
  • Requirements
  • Academic and Professional Preparation
  • Career Assessment Programs
  • MFC Reading List
  • Sponsorship by a UU Congregation
  • Initial Inquiry Form (Word) (PDF)
  • Interview Form (Word) (PDF) for Prospective Candidates
  • Appointment Request Form (Word) (PDF)
  • Financial Aid Grant Information and Forms (PDF) for Theological Education 2007/08
  • Information for Transfer or Plural Applicants
  • Internship Clearinghouse
  • Religious Education: Course Outline, Graduate Level (PDF) and the accompanying Reader (PDF)
  • Application for Candidate Status (Word) (PDF)
  • Suggestions for Setting Up a "Mock MFC Interview"
  • Theological Schools


The Ministerial Credentialing Office administers scholarship funds available to students who are in aspirant or candidate status and who are enrolled in a Master of Divinity degree program  leading to fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist (UU) minister.

General financial aid will be available to students who are aspirant or candidates who are attending theological school at least half-time, or who plan to complete at least four full courses for credit in any one academic year. Full time students who are spirants or candidates will be eligible for at least three years, one of which may be an internship year.  Part-time students who are in aspirant or candidate status may apply for aid for up to five years, one of which may be an internship year. 

The UU Scholarship Committee meets annually to determine who will receive scholarship assistance.  Scholarships are awarded based on merit, financial need, and commitment to the Unitarian Universalist ministry.  The annual deadline for application to be received by the Ministerial Credentialing Office is April 15th each year.
Some of the sources for the scholarship funds include the Living Tradition Fund, the St. Lawrence Foundation, the Frothingham Endowment, the Now is the Time Comprehensive Campaign, past campaigns and individual contributions.

There are several named endowments established by generous donors who wanted to supply financial support for ministerial students.  The recipients for these named scholarships are decided by the UU Scholarship Committee and staff.  Applicants for financial aid are automatically considered for scholarships and no additional material is required, unless otherwise noted.

  • The Martha and Robert Atherton Ministerial Scholarship
    Established in 1997, this scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to promising ministerial students in their second or third year of seminary who have already proven their capabilities.  This scholarship is awarded to individuals who respect hard work as a foundation of a full life and who appreciate the freedom, political system and philosophical underpinnings of our country. Martha and Robert Atherton are dedicated Unitarian Universalists who have made this scholarship possible through their generous contributions. 
  • The David Eaton Scholarship
    Maureen Mulliner, a long time member of All Soul's Church in Washington D.C., made an estate gift to establish this award in order to affirm Rev. David Hilliard Eaton's vision of a community dedicated to strengthening hope, justice, and balance, and creating an anti-racist, multicultural religious organization and country.  This scholarship is awarded to women from an historically marginalized group who share the same vision as David Eaton.
  • Lucille K and Jerome P. Gallon Scholarship Fund
    The Lucille K. and Jerome P. Gallon Scholarship fund was created to support promising candidates for Unitarian Universalist ministry.  This scholarship is to individuals who have demonstrated strong preaching skills during their path to ministry.
  • Natalie Gulbrandsen Ministers' International Studies Scholarship Fund
    Once fully funded, this scholarship will provide aid to UU ministers and/or students who wish to study in a developing country or culture.
  • The Ingeborg Haseltine Scholarship Funds
    Ingeborg Haseltine made a gift from her estate to establish a permanent scholarship fund to support the education of women pursuing a career in the ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
  • Interfaith Spirituality Scholarship
    This scholarshp was established by a generous donor who wishes to remain anonymous.  The purpose of this scholarship is to support deserving individuals who have demonstrated an interest in and are prepared to integrate interfaith understanding into their ministry, and have a commitment to guiding others on their own spiritual path.
  • The Susan M. Jackson Ministerial Scholarship Fund.
    Susan M. Jackson's children established this fund on Ms. Jackson's 85th birthday to honor her commitment and dedication to Unitarian Universalism.  This scholarship is awarded to recipients who share with the wider world their enthusiasm about UU ideas and conclusions, drawn from their faith, which influence their lives.
  • The Olympia Brown and Max Kapp Award
    An award made to a ministerial student who submits a paper, sermon or special project on some aspect of Universalism.  The entries are evaluated by an outside reader.
  • The David Pohl Scholarship
    This scholarship was established by the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations upon Rev. Pohl's retirement as UUA Director of Ministry in 1993.  It supports the intellectual, spiritual, and professional development of individuals preparing for UU ministry.
  • Roy H. Pollack Scholarship
    The Roy H. Pollack Scholarship was created in 1998 to support second or third year students who have strong academic records and are promising candidates for UU ministry.
  • The Chuck and Nancy Thomas Scholarship
    This scholarship was established in 1998 by Lorella and Todd Hess in honor of Lorella's father, Rev. Charles Thomas, and his support of Unitarian Universalism and lay leadership.  Rev. Thomas is minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Lima, OH, and affiliate minister of the Miami Valley Fellowship in Dayton, OH. The scholarship is awarded to a in-coming first year student who has shown an outstanding commitment to Unitarian Universalism as a lay leader before preparing for Unitarian Universalist ministry.

    This scholarship is given by public recommendation. Those who wish to submit a nomination should write a letter of recommendation showing a connection between the individual's ministry and their life goals along with examples of their strong leadership skills.  Letters may be sent to: The Rev. David Pettee, UUA, 25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108
  • The Von Ogden Vogt Scholarship
    This scholarship was established in 2001 by Ogden and Carolyn Vogt to honor Carolyn's father, the Rev. Dr. Von Ogden Vogt, and his dedication and commitment to Unitarian Universalism.  Scholarships are given to support intellectual, spiritual and professional development of future Unitarian Universalist ministers who are attending Meadville Lombard Theological School.

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Ministerial Credentialing

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