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Congregations as Employers

Whether your congregation employs a single part-time staff member or a large and specialized workforce, you’ll want to provide them with the resources, development, and support they need in order to serve you well and to advance your congregation’s mission and vision.

In addition to the topics below, you may be interested in:

Staffing Practices

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Hire, support, and transition your staff confidently with the assistance of this evolving collection of resources and templates.


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Personnel and Safe Congregation policies help ensure fairness and safety by setting clear and consistent expectations.

Large Congregations

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Large congregations are not simply scaled-up versions of smaller congregations. Here we provide guidance especially geared toward congregations with more than 550 members.

Staff Development

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Congregational staff are leaders, modelers, and tone-setters. Well-equipped, spirit-filled staff offer consistent, skilled, accountable leadership, which in turn builds capacity and ownership among the laity and enables congregations to thrive.

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