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Congregational Staff & Volunteers
Congregational Staff & Volunteers
Staffing in Congregations

Staffing at Your Congregation

Whether your congregation employs a single part-time staff member or a diversified and specialized staff numbering in the dozens—or in countless configurations in between—it is important to staff in a way that promotes your congregation’s vision and mission while providing staff with the resources necessary to achieve what you expect of them. Consult our collection of staffing resources and policies for congregational personnel, including the Staffing Your Mission section of the Congregational Handbook, for how to best staff your congregation and encourage effective staff teams.

Questions regarding staffing, performance or other personnel issues at your congregation should be directed to your Regional Congregational Life Staff.

Resources for Staff and Volunteers

Here is information for specific staff and volunteer roles:

The Professional Development and Support page includes a philosophy of staff development, general resources for developing staff and teams, and links to additional resources for specific professional areas. 

The Congregational Staff Team Development page includes resources to promote shared ministry.

Consider giving Harvest the Power, a Tapestry of Faith curriculum for church leaders who wish to grow in spirit and skills. You may also wish to have your leaders attend a Leadership School, or take online courses at the UU Leadership Institute.

Calling a minister? Refer to the Ministerial Transitions section.

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