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Auto-Enrollment and the Retirement Plan

Participating congregations/employers may, but are not required to, elect to “auto-enroll” employees, and withhold a specified percentage (ranging from 1-6 percent) of compensation as a pre-tax employee contribution. 

  • Employees are in charge of the amount that they contribute.
  • Employees of  "auto-enroll" Employers may decide to do nothing and become, or remain, automatically enrolled, or
  • the Employee can opt out of the pre-tax contributions or change the percentage of compensation contributed at any time by completing the proper form required by their Employer.
  • Employers who elect Auto-enrollment must implement internal on-boarding procedures sufficient to ensure that timely details, forms, and notices are provided to employees by Employers adopting this feature.

Automatic Elective Deferrals will be invested according to the Employee's investment instructions. If the employee does not elect to invest in any of the investment options offered by the Plan, their contributions will be invested in the Plan's qualified default investment option, presently a T. Rowe Price LifeCycle fund.

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Last updated on Friday, December 19, 2014.

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