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Upon Retirement: the UU Organizations Retirement Plan

Retirement Date

The normal retirement age is 65 or slightly later, depending on date of birth. There is no mandatory retirement age for either Unitarian Universalist (UU) ministers or non-ordained employees.

Retirement Distributions

At retirement, a participant may elect to receive distributions as:

  • a partial or total lump sum distribution, sometimes with significant tax consequences; or
  • systematic payments over a specified time, or
  • systematic payments for a specified amount.

Because ordained ministers may receive part of their distributions after retirement as a tax-exempt clergy housing allowance, it is generally very advantageous for clergy of all denominations to maximize their retirement savings through their denominationally-sponsored plan.

Plan participants are fully vested, and in the event of death, the assets are paid to the participant’s beneficiary. Contact TIAA-CREF to verify that your beneficiary designation is current.

For more information contact ocsf @

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Last updated on Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

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