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Volunteer Opportunity: Compensation Consultant

Be a Generalist or Specialist Compensation Consultant

Are you good with money? How about benefits, compensation and employment practices? Become a Generalist or Specialist Compensation Consultant as a volunteer working under the direction of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Office of Church Staff Finances (OCSF).

Make a real contribution, helping congregations navigate ministerial compensation, employment practices, UUA Fair Compensation, payroll, and a wide variety of interesting technical and legal issues.

Individuals with experience in Unitarian Universalist (UU) leadership, employment law, church administration, tax law, mediation, human resources, accounting, and the like, please consider sharing your time and skills.

Email Jan Gartner, compensation_programs [at] uua [dot] org, Compensation and Staffing Practices Manager, to express interest or request information. UUA field staff and OCSF will work together to vet the nominees.

More Information

From Reverend Richard Nugent, Director, OCSF:

UUA Compensation Consultants program is changing: UUA Compensation Consultants (compers) are volunteers who work under the direction of the Office of Church Staff Finances. Going forward, we're going to have two sets of compers: Generalists, who will continue to work directly with congregational leaders, and Specialists, who will work primarily with the OCSF, other compers, and UUA field staff.

As the UUA moves toward regionalization, so are our compensation consultants. Generalists will work in regional teams keeping in close touch with UUA field staff. They will help congregational leaders understand the UUA Fair Compensation Guidelines, the complexity of ministerial and staff compensation, and work with congregational leaders on matters pertaining to best staffing practices including staff on-boarding, job descriptions, model personnel practices, and evaluations. While prior compensation/HR experience is helpful, it's not necessary since the OCSF will provide on-going training. It will be helpful if applicants are comfortable with teleconferencing options such as Zoom.

Specialist compers will work with the OCSF, UUA Field Staff, and other compers on more complex issues involving employment law, tax law, HR/staffing practices and procedures, congregational bookkeeping, and church administration. We're hoping to find individuals who have experience as employment attorneys, accountants, mediators, HR professionals, or individuals skilled in church administration.

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