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Visiting Members in Retirement Communities and Nursing Homes
Support and Caring in Congregations, Support and Caring in Congregations

Our Pastoral Care Team has tried to support several

members of our congregation moving to retirement communities that are

within reasonable proximity to our church. We have found that moving

out of the longtime family home can be very stressful for elderly

people, In the. view retirement community we try to introduce them to

other Unitarian Universalists, some from our own church community that

are already there. We try to provide transportation for them to attend

church regularly and to return for special church functions to stay in

touch with old friends.

Members of the Pastoral Care Team visit members of our

congregation in these retirement communities and /or nursing homes

about once every one-two months and telephone between visits. For one

member of our community who had a severely disabling stroke and is now

in a nursing home, we organized members of our congregation to visit on

a regularly scheduled basis so there would be ongoing visits from


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