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The Team provides someone to care for ill family members

so that the caretaker may be Freed to attend church, medical

appointments, or take care of their own needs. We have had several

situations where we have provided respite care over long periods of


In one situation, we had six-eight volunteers a week caring

for a baby for two-four hours at a time with esophageal ulcers, to

allow the mother to get some rest and spend time with her three year

old daughter. We continued this service for four months with a total of 

twenty-three volunteers from our church, The baby responded very well to all the

loving caretakers.

In other circumstances we provided caretakers for a man with

Alzheimer's so his wife could attend church twice a month. We

coordinated caretakers for six-eight hours per day for one two weeks

for people who can't be left alone when their caretaker needs to return

to work.

In. a more unusual situation we found two women in our

congregation with an interest in art to take a middle aged woman with

Alzheimer's to art museums once each month.

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