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I see my job of coordinator

as having two primary functions:

  1. To keep the minister informed about members of the congregation who

    need help and what the Team is doing to help them.

  2. To support the Team.

I meet with the minister fairly regularly to keep him up to

date about what the Team is doing and I communicate back to the Team

about who needs to be seen and how we might be of help With the Team,

it is my job to keep track of which Team member is working with which

member of the congregation—I am available for any Team member who is

ill or having personal problems. I try to assess the comfort level of

Team member in their pastoral care work so that they are not

overwhelmed. I and the co-coordinators do backup for any difficulty a

Team member encounters.

In addition, along with the co-coordinators, I help plan the

budget, write a column in our biweekly newsletter oversee making

brochures or other publicity, and keep the Team meeting coordinators

Together we do the recruiting and plan the training for the new team.

The co- coordinators are instrumental in supporting the coordinator not

only in running the Team on a day to day basis and covering when the

coordinator is unavailable, but also in planning new initiatives

developed for the Team.

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