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Publicity is a crucial part of a successful Pastoral Care Team, but it

is complicated by the necessity to maintain confidentiality of those

who have been helped. Because the Pastoral Care Team offers new

services never before available, it is important to repeatedly remind

the congregation in many different ways of their availability,

especially in the beginning.

It is very important to have the minister's support and public

endorsement, Our minister has written articles about the Pastoral Care

Team in his column in the biweekly church newsletter. He also

acknowledged the Pastoral Care Team from the pulpit. We have an annual

dedication of the new Pastoral Care Team the first Sunday in May when

the Team is presented to the congregation. We had a re-dedication of

the Team this fall.

Each member of the Team wears a special nametag with our

Pastoral Care Team logo so we can he identified at all church

activities. We write articles in our biweekly church newsletter telling

the congregation what we have been doing: entitled the Pastoral Care


A member of the Pastoral Care Team attends each service to

write down the Joys and Concerns that are shared during the service. We

follow up with cards for the Joys and a phone call to the person with

the Concern to determine if we can help. We keep a Joys and Concern

notebook at the church to collect the information.

Referrals come from people calling the Team directly, the

church office, the minister or the director of Religious Education. We

get referrals indirectly when others tell us their concern about

specific church members.

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