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Our Mission Statement is based on the first Unitarian Universalist (UU) principle: to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Our goal is

to provide a ministry of hope and caring so that no member of our

congregation need be alone, Our covenant to the congregation is to:

  • visit the ill at home or in the hospital,
  • support those going through a life crisis,
  • maintain contact with those unable to attend church due to illness or disability,
  • support friends and family involved in

    care giving,

  • comfort

    the bereaved.

We are committed

for two years. We also promise to care for and support each other.


of our committed have grown about ten different programs. Any single one

of these programs or several of them together could provide all the

work of any given Pastoral ("are Team depending on the number of

members of the Team, their time availability, and the size of the


The Joys Program sends cards to members on birthdays,

anniversaries, illness, births, deaths, or any significant occasion.

These cards are handwritten notes from the Pastoral Care Team Meals

arid Rides are easy for the Pastoral Care Team to do themselves in a

small church. In a larger church such as ours, the Pastoral Care Team

oversees this kind of service with the Neighborhoods or arranges for

on-going meals or rides with community agencies. We coordinate respite

care for caregivers, of infants and the elderly.

  • We manage it buddy system for older adults living alone.
  • We supervise a Medical Equipment Loan Program.
  • We help members moving to local retirement communities get

    connected with other UUs there and try to find them transportation

    back to the church on Sundays.

  • We make


    and nursing home visits.

  • We support those going through life crises.
  • We support members and their families with terminal illness.
  • We provide information and support at the time of a death and

    try to support the bereaved person for the following eighteen months.

  • We provide educational materials about Living Wills,

    Advanced Medical Directives, Retirement Communities, Support Groups,

    how to manage elderly parents and many other topics.

  • We have I learned

    to pick

    only the programs we can easily manage and do them well, Start

    slow and grow.

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