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Men Who Fight for Reproductive Justice
Men Who Fight for Reproductive Justice

Join the Fight – By Phone

The "Reproductive Justice Ministry with UU Men" webinar, January 13 at 3:30pm EST, highlights male-identified issue experts from across the racial and sexual orientation spectrum discussing why men should be involved in reproductive justice work, how to be a good ally, and what reproductive justice means for men.  Register here.

Guest Speakers:
  • Michael Mitchell, Director of Communications at the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, has two and a half decades of experience working at the intersections of sexuality, religion, politics and culture.
  • Colin Adamo, Young Men's Initiative Coordinator at Advocates for Youth, has collaborated with renowned sexual health educators to develop programs for college students and adolescents.
  • Kashif Syed, Reproductive Justice Fellow at Advocates for Youth, has worked on a variety of legal projects, including trans-inclusive policies in higher education, sex discrimination in intercollegiate athletics, and sexual harassment in schools.
  Learn more about the UUA 2012-2016 Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) on Reproductive Justice here. Read the complete text of the CSAI  "Reproductive Justice: Expanding Our Social Justice Calling." Learn more about Unitarian Universalism and why it is active on issues of Social Justice here. (Link to webinar:  

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  • Ted joined the staff of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in February 2010. He brings more than twenty years' experience using media to create social change by creating communications strategies and content for progressive non-profits, political campaigns, and cause...

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