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Weekend Challenge #4
Weekend Challenge #4

Lend Us Your Ear...

  Tell us who wrote this seasonal classic – and where and when he is believed to have composed it... [vimeo 17817209]   Enter your response in the comments section of this post this weekend. We will announce the winner(s) and prize(s) on Monday, Dec 22.    

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Comments (4)

Kadyn Frawley (not verified) 2 years 9 months ago

James Pierpont in 1850

Jared Dobro (not verified) 2 years 9 months ago

Written by James Pierpont at Medford, Mass in 1857

Carter (not verified) 2 years 9 months ago

James Pierpont wrote the holiday song in the 1850s while he was organist at the "Jingle Bells Church," the Unitarian church of Savannah Georgia. Legend has it that it was composed in a tavern in Massachusetts .

Steven Ballesteros (not verified) 2 years 9 months ago

James L. Pierpont, who was at one point the Music Director of a Unitarian Church, wrote "Once Horse Open Sleigh" a.k.a. "Jingle Bells" in late 1857 at the Simpson Tavern in Medford, Massachusett.

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