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(Wanna Know How to Cut the Queue)
(Wanna Know How to Cut the Queue)

And Get Answers to your Youth Caucus forms questions NOW?

Here's the deal:

WE'VE got 1 office administrator,

YOU'VE got MANY questions about filling out your Youth Caucus forms,

THERE'S only 7 DAYS (and counting) until General Assembly.

Don't lose any more time, watch this INFORMATIVE (and entertaining) video that

Answers the 13 most frequently asked questions about Youth Caucus Forms*

'cause the forms have got to get done. ALL THE FORMS. * Super bonus – watch the video, then ask the star for her autograph at our booth at GA! (There really ought to be a bead for that.)

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  • Ted joined the staff of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries in February 2010. He brings more than twenty years' experience using media to create social change by creating communications strategies and content for progressive non-profits, political campaigns, and cause...

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