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1963 General Resolution

WHEREAS, the present basis of the United States Immigration quota system rests on the national origins of the country's white population according to the 1920 census; and

WHEREAS, this system contradicts the founding principles of the nation and is at variance with national needs and international responsibilities; and

WHEREAS, over one-half of all immigrants come either as exceptions to the quota or as nonquota immigrants;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Unitarian Universalist Association at its 1963 General Assembly, direct the President of the Association to send an open letter to President Kennedy, and letters to Senator Philip A. Hart and the chairmen of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, stating our support for the passage of Senate Bill No. 747, entitled "A Bill to Amend the Immigration and Nationality Act," introduced by Senator Hart and 35 other Senators; which bill would rescind the present immigration law and substitute a new law, the provisions of which, as enunciated by Senator Hart, would:

"Remove the purely arbitrary barriers to immigration on the basis of race and national origin and would substitute a new formula based on equality and fairplay. . .

"Set America's immigration record straight and update our basic statutes to conform more with our actual practice since 1952. . .

"Facilitate the reunion of families now separated because of inequities in the act of 1952. . .

"Enhance America's economic growth rate by eliminating obstacles to the admission of persons who possess talents and skills urgently needed in this country. . .

"Provide a continuing and orderly, but flexible, authority for the yearly admission of a reasonable number of refugees. . .

"Bring our traditional principles into a creative relation with the facts of the modern world."

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED: That a representative of this Association appear at the hearings on Senate Bill No. 747 and its counterpart in the House of Representatives; and

BE IT STILL FURTHER RESOLVED: That this General Assembly urge individuals, members of its churches and fellowships to communicate with their respective Senators and Representatives in support of this bill.

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