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Volunteer with Peace Humanity International: You Are Invited!

"I want to treat patients (in the U.S.) with Africa!" Mollie Fetterolf (Health Program, Ghana 2011, studying nursing at WVU)

About Peace Humanity International

Peace Humanity International, formed in 2003, is a multifaceted Non-Governmental Organization, based in Ghana, that remains dedicated to empowering the Ghanaian people and improving their quality of life.With a wide array of community partners, Peace Humanity International has executed a multitude of local initiatives and continues to uplift their people at all levels of society.

Mission: To Peace Humanity, peace is not simply the absence of war, but a condition where people's basic needs are met, and they have the opportunity to freely pursue their dreams and aspirations. Therefore, Peace Humanity's mission is to tackle the root causes of conflict, which include, illiteracy, hunger, and poverty, through volunteerism.

Vision: To see a world where the people of Ghana and Africa live in peace regardless of sex, tribe or social status.

Volunteer Programs

  • Health: Teach classes/hold seminars in local villages to spread awareness about sanitation, environmental education, and preventable diseases such as malaria and cholera.

    Volunteer in local health clinics. This work includes: studying the operations of TBA (Traditional Birth Attendants), working in the maternity department (taking the temperature of pregnant women, participating in the immunization of children, weighing children, and educating pregnant women on their needs), join hospital staff on local outreach programs, and visit local health clinics, hospitals and psychiatric wards (Cape Coast Regional Hospital, Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, Cape Coast Nursing Training College.)
  • Education: Teach in primary junior high and senior high schools in the Jukwa community. Teaching subjects include: Math, English, ICT (Information Communication Technology, Environmental Studies, and Science

    Educate local villages on the causes and prevention of HIV/AIDS

  • Environment: Participate in Town Cleaning: weeding of bushy areas, clean choked gutters, clean mosquito breeding areas, etc. Participate in Tree Planting: Take part in the local tree planting project, as well as educate villages on the importance of forestation and what leads to the issue of deforestation.

  • Youth and Women's Empowerment: Organize seminars to motivate and encourage women to take up leadership roles in the society, as well as educate women on the importance of girl-child education.

  • Construction: Participate in the building of a local library in the Jukwa community. This includes: painting, molding of blocks, construction of book shelves, etc.

  • Create Your Own Service Project: There are lots of opportunities for service in the country of Ghana. Peace Humanity International has relationships with a wide array of communities and community partners in and outside of Ghana, and would be more than willing to design a service project that fits your needs and interests. Peace Humanity is very open minded so don't hesitate to ask!

    Examples: River Conservation, Working in Local Orphanage, Photo Research, etc.

  • Recreation/Cultural Activities: The country of Ghana is rich with history and culture. Experience as much as you can!

    • Visit with local chief and community leaders
    • Visit local markets and cultural centers
    • Visit Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle
    • Take a tour of Accra
    • Take a tour of Cape Coast
    • Take a tour of Kumasi
    • Kumasi Zoo
    • Canopy Walk in Kakum National Park
    • Big Milly's Backyard
    • Oasis Beach Resort
    • Lake Bosomtwe
    • Elmina Beach Resort
    • Mable's Table
    • Experience Traditional Cooking
    • Attend Local Churches
    • Learn Local Language (Twi)

Peace Humanity International is truly dedicated to making your trip safe, fun, culturally enriching, and fulfilling! For more information, please contact PHumanityInt [at] yahoo [dot] com">phumanityint [at] yahoo [dot] com or Erik Mohn at EMohn [at] uua [dot] org.

Note: Peace Humanity's website is currently under construction, but feel free to check out the Jukwa Community Project Facebook Page.

In addition, here is a voice recording done by Erik Mohn and Kwame Appiah in August 2011.

"Those who give sunshine will never be deprived of the sun itself."—Kwame Appiah

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