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Implementation Guides for Congregational Access

Money and Ideas: Creative Approaches to Congregational Access
The Alban Institute and the National Organization on Disability
Congregations seeking greater accessibility for people with disabilities often find that a key challenge is the availability of resources. How does a congregation find money, materials, or labor for a ramp, an elevator, or accessible restrooms? This 38-page booklet offers success stories and an annotated resource section. Congregations aiming at greater accessibility, but feeling stymied by a lack of resources, will find this booklet useful and inspiring. You can buy it from the Alban Institute or download Money and Ideas (PDF, 38 pages) for free in large print format.

Accessible Faith: A Technical Guide for Accessibility in Houses of Worship
The Retirement Research Foundation
Increasingly, congregations are striving to welcome all members of the community into fellowship, with opportunities for full participation in worship, study, service, and leadership. This excellent publication is a comprehensive guide for congregations that are working on improving accessibility for people with disabilities, including the growing number of older adults. The 54-page book is designed to provide technical guidance in all aspects of accessibility; help congregations understand building-related codes; identify user-friendly design solutions. You can download Accessible Faith (PDF, 56 pages) for free.

Equal Access Guide for Meetings, Conferences, Large Assemblies, and Worship
National Council of Churches Committee on Disabilities
If you want information on conference/large meeting planning, try this booklet that begins from the time you start your planning to the end of your meeting, and includes on-site walk-throughs for hotels and meeting facilities, addresses presenters' as well as participants' needs, and includes etiquette information. The 26-page guide sets the ideal, with information for welcoming people with mobility, sensory, and mental disabilities. The UUA was one of the partner denominations that developed this booklet. If you want to avoid Christian references, just skip pages 1-3 when you photocopy. You can download Equal Access Guide for Meetings... (PDF, 26 pages) for free.

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Last updated on Wednesday, April 20, 2011.

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