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Sample Policy Statement for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Many people experience unpleasant, sometimes life-threatening, physical effects from scented products and other chemicals used in a variety of products, including fragrances and personal care products, deodorizers and cleaners, pesticides, wall and floor coverings, and building materials. We are requesting that you voluntarily refrain from using scented products so that chemical barriers will not prevent access to this gathering for people who have chemical sensitivities.

To create a more comfortable environment, we ask you to:

  • use non-scented body products (e.g. lotion, hair-spray)
  • refrain from using perfume, cologne, and other fragrances
  • allow recently dry-cleaned clothing to air before wearing
  • use non-scented laundry products on clothing worn to this gathering

To create a more comfortable environment, the organizers are:

  • using non-scented soap in the restrooms
  • using least toxic cleaning products, disinfectants
  • removing or disconnecting fragrance-emitting devices from restrooms
  • not scheduling pesticide application or carpet shampooing prior to this meeting
  • using non-scented or beeswax candles in our chalices and rituals

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