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Portrait of Julia Ward Howe with signature below

The Radical Roots of Mother's Day

Long before we celebrated Mother’s Day with brunches and flower bouquets, Unitarian Julia Ward Howe wrote her Mother’s Day Proclamation to urge women across the world to unite in the cause of peacebuilding. Today, Unitarian Universalists continue that justice seeking tradition by joining Strong Families’ Mamas Day campaign to make visible and honor the real diversity of mamas and their families.

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Standing on the Side of Love heart logo

Black Lives Matter to Unitarian Universalists.

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Emerging Ministries

Across the country, Unitarian Universalists are imagining new ways to live their values, create faithful community and change the world for the better. Hear their stories of emerging ministries and learn how you can start an emerging ministry of your own.

I Am Not Alone

An open hand stretches out, the word "breathe" written or tattooed on the wrist

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I Am Not Alone

There is a Love holding me that is unconcerned with my day's to-do list and more concerned with my spirit's survival, even its thriving, in this beautiful, challenging world. - Rev. Heather Rion Starr

UUs Take Action in Flint

UUs helping in Flint, MI

UUs Take Action in Flint

Members of Flint congregation go door to door; Michigan UUs lobby for “human right to water.” Read the full story in UU World.

UU Author Shares Timely Guidance

Cultivating Empathy Cover

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UU Author Shares Timely Guidance

Through a series of personal essays, the Rev. Nathan Walker offers readers a creative way to develop empathetic responses in personal or cultural conflicts. In this heated election season, this book is a must-read for us all.

Vote Your Values

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Vote Your Values

This election season, we encourage you to vote your values. Check out seven questions based on Unitarian Universalist seven Principles to ask candidates when choosing who will get your vote.

2016 Ware Lecturer: Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett 2016 General Assembly Ware Lecture

Posted in: General Assembly

2016 Ware Lecturer: Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett, author, journalist, and radio show host of On Being, will be the 2016 Ware Lecturer at the UUA's General Assembly, the annual largest gathering of Unitarian Universalists, from June 22 to 26 in Columbus, OH. 

Toilet Training for Gov. McCrory

All Genders Restroom

Toilet Training for Gov. McCrory

On Huffington Post, UUA President Peter Morales speaks out about North Carolina’s new anti-LGBTQ law and offers some education around creating inclusive restrooms using the example of All Gender restrooms at UUA General Assembly.